Education Stores Are a Wonderful Resource

I have the privilege of working in a wonderful teacher supply/map store. Every day when customers come in, one of the questions I ask them is what grade they teach (unless they are there just for a map). The answer varies between preschool to twelfth grade. Sometimes the person is there because they home school their child or children. Sometimes they want something to help support their child’s or children’s learning. We even have customers who come in because they want a game which is fun yet educational. I love that we have such a variety that we can help them all. If we know what they are looking for and we can’t find exactly what they need, we can give them ideas of how to accomplish the goal they have in mind.

One memorable evening a young lady came in with her daughter. They were looking for a calendar just like the little girl’s teacher. She also wanted a weather chart, just like her teacher’s. I was curious as to why they needed these items just like her teacher’s. Come to find out, the little girl absolutely loved school and her teacher. Her mother, being the wonderful supportive mom that she is, decided to set the little girl’s bedroom up like her classroom at school. Needless to say we had most of the items in stock, just like her teacher, but not everything. We were able to order the items we didn’t have in stock or were able to find an agreeable alternative. The little girl was so excited to set go home and set up her “classroom”.

A few days ago a gentleman came in wanted to purchase a few maps and posters. He wanted to put the maps and posters on his son’s wall to help his son remember concepts he learned in school. What a great way to help your child learn the concepts he needs for school as well as life.

Today I had another mother come in and she purchased some items usually used in a classroom. The items included name tags, pencils, some borders, and other items. When I asked her what grade she taught, she said they were for her daughter. Her daughter loves to teach school and is always playing teacher.

All of these experiences made me wish I had thought of doing these wonderful things to help my own children when they were small. So if you’re interested great resources and ideas to help your child/children learn, you may want to find a wonderful teacher supply store like the one I work in.